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The standard length that our wigs come in is 18inches. The wigs will not come cut or styled unless specifically requested. The reason for this is that its best to have the wig finalized on your head, just as you would have a regular hair cut. This ensures that the wig looks and feels as natural and close to "you" as possible.

We stock our wigs to be 18inches in legnth whih typically runs below the shoulder. If you know that you wear your hair in a short bob we can send you a wig that is slightly shorter to begin with. If you know that you want your hair longer or fuller you can state that as well. The term DENSITY refers to how heavy and thick you want your wig. If you dont like a lot of hair standard density is 150% where as if you want extremely full hair it runs about 180%. When choosing your wig please tell us how you prefer your wig to feel. Do you want something light and breathable or thick and full?

The wig can be parted and styled however you want. This means one day you can wear a middle part and the next a side part. The hair can also be curled or blown or straightened. Another great reason meeting with a local stylist is key to show you just what your wig can look like when its finished.

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