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Using a soft tape measure- follow our detailed instructions and take your measurements. If you are ordering a topper or extensions skip this step!


Grab yourself a soft tape measure, and place your remaining hair in a low bun as tight and close to the nape of the neck as possible. Ideally the placement of your hair should be as tight to your head as possible. This is because if you are wearing a wig over your hair- you want your actual bio hair to be snug and not cause a bump or be noticeable under the wig.
Dont have any hair left? Measure your head the same way as you would with or without hair. Once you have taken your measurements and written them down, it is best to retake them to get an average measurement.

Dont worry if your measurements arent perfect. The caps are adjustable and come with bands and clips to make them tight. The caps are also stretchy and breathable. Its important to remember that if you are measuring your head with hair- that if you lose your hair your measurements might become smaller. For a detailed step by step video click the link below:

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